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Lights, Camera, Audio: A Guide to Event Production, Event Technology, and Audio Visual

Lights, Camera, Audio: A Guide to Event Production, Event Technology, and Audio Visual
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From festivals to live music to social and sporting events, there's been an explosion of in-person meet-ups since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. While virtual events have a place in business and entertainment, nothing's better than connecting face-to-face. And that's truer than ever in the world of corporate events.

In 2022, 88% of companies got back to planning company events. After all, 97% of media marketers say in-person events are crucial, and more than half of event organizers in the professional services industry use events to increase brand awareness.

But while the concept of an event is all well and good, you won't see the results you need unless the execution matches your ideas. That's where event production comes in

Why is Event Production Important?

Events are a way to connect to others, whether that's from a personal or a professional standpoint. But to enhance these connections, the use of modern technologies is a must.

After all, a guest speaker talking to a room full of industry experts is much more engaging with a slideshow, carefully positioned lighting, and the right audio effects so you can hear every word.

If you lack the technological expertise to host an event, the good news is that experts can do it for you. With event production services, you can sit back, relax, and watch your event run smoothly with your audio and visual elements in the hands of the pros.


What's the Difference Between Event Production, Event Technology, and Audio Visual?

Event production refers to what's included in the overall planning and execution of the technical aspects of an event, right from the mics the speakers wear to the stage's layout.

Event technology keeps the event running smoothly, whether that's speakers or a projector. Audio-visual refers to the aspects of the event production you can see or hear - basically most of what's involved in a given event.

The audio-visual aspects are carried out with event technology, and most event production services will have access to the highest-quality technology, so you'll enjoy a better standard of sound and visuals.

Essentially, event production services, event technology, and audio-visual refer to pretty much the same thing. If you see a company (like us!) offering such services, it basically means they'll make your event look pretty killer.

Other terms you might hear are event planning and events management.

  • Event planning is all about managing the activities leading up to the event, such as selecting a venue and hiring caterers, but it doesn't involve as much knowledge on the technical side of things.

  • Event management considers logistics on the day, such as managing staff during the event and resolving on-site conflicts. It's about "managing" the event in real-time, going through the production, keeping everything to schedule, and dealing with problems as they arise.

  • Event production takes it one step further.

Whether you're hosting an event or looking for corporate event production, event production focuses on the event's presentation.

Basically, everything you see and hear during an event is brought to you by event production, and an event production team will bring your creative vision to life.

To give you an idea of what this can look like at its peak, here's the 2023 League of Legends LCK Grand Final Opening Ceremony. The atmosphere, lighting, holographic events, sound, hosting, and even player choreography are all managed, laid out, and executed by some of the best event productions in the world.

And it really shows.

Pretty cool, right?


A Comprehensive Guide to What's Involved in Event Production

If you're considering event production services, you'll want to know you're getting bang for your buck. To decide whether these services are right for you, let's explore what is involved when hiring an event production company. 


Image via Unsplash

So, an event production company just shows up on the day and flicks some switches, right? Well, there's a little more than that to it.

For months before the event, pre-production takes place, which is all the prep and planning that happens before the event itself.

The earlier, the better for maximum results, but depending on the last-minute nature of the event, pre-production could start just one week before.

You'll meet with your production company during the pre-production stage to discuss your needs. You'll establish your budget and how you imagine the stage looking, plus any audio-visual and technology needs you have.

Your production company of choice might also give their creative input with suggestions and insights to take your event to the next level. After all, they are the experts!

You'll discuss lighting, staging, sounds, and any other audio-visual aspects of the show as well as how many crew members will be needed on the day.

You might think corporate events require minimal production. Get a stage, some lighting, and a microphone, lay the tables out, maybe get a caterer, and you're good to go.

It could be that simple, but are you creating the experience your attendees want? Are you creating a reputable impression and giving everyone a good time?

Even something as seemingly small as moving the spotlight on a guest speaker to the staging of a new product, business events benefit hugely from excellent, on-point event production. 

At this point, you should hand over as much information to your event production company as possible. This means finalizing event dates, confirming the rental and staging companies you'll be using, and working on the technical details you wish to have.

The fewer unknowns they encounter upon arrival, the better, although the best event production companies will be prepared for some unexpected activity.

Around a month before, the event producers will begin building out an event production schedule, outlining when any vendors will arrive, crew call times, and technical rehearsals. This will give you an idea of how things will look on the day.

On-site Equipment

Typically, event production companies have access to their own audio-visual equipment, such as speakers, but they may also use the lighting available at the event space if it's right for the event.

It really depends on the venue, but working with an event producer means you don't have to worry.

They'll scope out the venue to see what's already there, see if it matches the requirements of your proposed event, and if it doesn't, they'll know where to get what you need, as well as how to install and run it.

Imagine trying to do all this yourself, plus organizing every other part of the event and running your business alongside it all.

Focus on what you're best at, and watch as your event manager takes ownership of your project and handles everything on your behalf. By allowing the professionals to do what they do best, this is how you guarantee a quality time.


Sound can make a real difference to the success of your event and can guide attendees through what they should be feeling or focusing on at a given moment.

Naturally, you won't want to spend a considerable chunk of your budget hiring the best audio equipment, such as speakers, just for one event.

The good news? Your event production company will already have access to it and the experience to use it to its full potential.


Image via Unsplash

Your lighting choices can make or break your event. Use lighting that's too harsh, and you'll cast your speakers in an unflattering life and give the space a clinical vibe.

Use lighting that's too dark, and your attendees won't be able to see important details and experience the event to its fullest.

That's why you need event managers who are lighting experts to make sure the right things are highlighted, and you're working with the foundations of a successful event.

Lighting can emphasize a speaker on stage or draw the eye of attendees to important aspects you want them to pay attention to. Expert lighting can also create an ambient atmosphere or immersive, high-energy experiences, especially when coupled with sound or music.

With the help of your creative vision, the right event planners can perfect your lighting to highlight what you want to highlight at the right moment, maximizing your chances for event success.


Image via Unsplash

Video is rapidly becoming an essential part of modern successful event production. Not only showcasing video content at your event but also live streaming or recording your event, essentially creating televised events.

This is crucial as live streaming an event gives an unlimited number of people the chance to experience your event in real-time, and gives you endless content to use on your social media platforms and marketing campaigns for months to come.

It's also essential if you want to host the event again (perhaps making it an annual reoccurrence) and want to promote it.

Many event production companies are starting to offer more comprehensive versions of this kind of service, and it's well worth getting one your side to take care of the technicalities of the process.


The layout of the event is more important than you might think.

Something as simple as the part of the stage on which the speaker stands can make the event more or less engaging. If you think of other elements like table setup, where the guests can stand, dance, or go, where the vendors, stalls, or the bar and buffets are set up, this is also staging.

However, this is more part of the management team organizing this. Production tends to focus on the production element of the event solely, so what's happening on the stage and the event content itself.

However, the two entities will usually work hand-in-hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Luckily, if you share your vision with your event production company of choice, they'll be able to organize staging so that your attendees' are always drawn to the right part of the room.

Event Production Staff

From tech staff to producers to directors, when you work with an event production company, they'll provide all the staff members you need to ensure event success.

And boy does an event take a workforce to pull off.

On the technical front, event production staff are unparalleled. They know the event production process like the back of their hand. This means less worrying about what to do, and more going through this journey knowing every audio-visual aspect of your show is in safe hands.

Virtual Events

We've spoken a little about live streaming and recording your content, but there's another form of event that's taking over the world, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is the world of virtual events.

Virtual events are just that. The best event management companies are well-versed in how to set up an event that looks great for the small screen, meaning it doesn't matter if you're running an in-person event, a virtual event, or a hybrid event that mixes the two.

You know that your event is set up to run smoothly and deliver the most important part of everything you're doing;

Running an event that gives your attendees the successful experience they're hoping for.


Event Production You Can Rely On

If you're hosting an event, you'll want it to run smoothly. Not only does that make it much more enjoyable for the attendees, but you'll enjoy peace of mind, too, knowing that you don't have to worry about any unexpected dramas.

Looking for event production in the Dallas area? We've got you.

Here at MVMNT Creative, we design, execute, and direct all technical aspects of your event.

We'll work with you from pre-production to solidify your content until the day when our knowledgeable crews will ensure every audio-visual impact of your big day runs smoothly.

So whether you're hosting a music festival or corporate networking event, you can relax, knowing it's in the hands of the experts.

Want to hire us for your next event?

Simply get in touch with details of your event, and we'll get working on your custom production plan.

Your event is safe with us. Let's do this!


MVMNT Creativeis a full-service technical production company for Events & Film.  We have been creating live experiences and content for over 15 years. Based in Dallas, Texas we offer turnkey services for Events & Film, through production & rentals for Audio, Video, Lighting, Photography, and Production Design. Learn more >



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